The Vanswartenbrouck family joins forces with Rhenus-Remondis group


The Vanswartenbrouck family (VSB group) is strengthening by joining forces with the global logistics and recycling group Rhenus-Remondis.  For the company led by the Vanswartenbrouck family, this is an important step to grow further on the international (glass) recycling market. "With this partnership, we can continue to focus on innovation and internationalization in the long run. Our employees, suppliers and customers have everything to gain ", says Raf Vanswartenbrouck.

Permanently ambitious

Raf Vanswartenbrouck: "Three years ago, my brother Steve and I took the decision to draw up a long-term growth plan. Martine Meuws was recruited as an external CEO to guide our management teams. In addition to the German market, we also focus on other European countries with great potential. To strengthen this expansion, we opted for an intensive cooperation with Rhenus-Remondis group. "

Steve Vanswartenbrouck: "A major reason for this choice is their family character and vision of sustainability." The VSB group also focusses strongly on innovation and sustainability. They were the first in the industry to produce CO2 neutral through an innovative production process based on palm oil.

Further growth

Christoph Bildstein, administrator of Rhenus Recycling, is satisfied: "The future of high-quality glass processing lies in cross-border cooperation. Due to its central location, Belgium plays a key role in our growth plans for the Benelux countries. With this cooperation, we complement each other so perfectly. This also applies to the way the Vanswartenbrouck brothers are leading their company: with a family and future-oriented vision, focusing on partnership. Regarding the merger with the German part of the VSB Group (GRI), the approval of the German competition authority is still required. "

Raf Vanswartenbrouck "We remain active in the company for the strategic support of the group. Thanks to the new collaboration, our employees have new growth opportunities and we can ensure the future of a family business built by four generations. Our customers will be offered a more comprehensive service. Employees, suppliers and customers will benefit from this collaboration. "


Martine Meuws


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