Follow-up of a wide scale sampling of cullet under the members all over Europe in order to have a clear picture of the lead content per country, per color, and in function of presence/absence of lead sorting installations. Possible sharing of experience/common initiatives with FEVE

State of affairs

Date Description Deadline Responsible
March 2018 Letter sent to FEVE about lead in new packaging
January 2018 Information asked to the national representatives about CRT glass February 2018
September 2017 New campaign postponed. Updated list of installations equipped with a lead sorting installation.
2017 Ongoing discussions about the organization of a new campaign Christoph Bildstein
May 2016 Additional info on lead sorting installations received from 21 plants Christoph Bildstein
December 2015 Establishment of a list of questions to get additional info on lead sorting installations Christoph Bildstein
June 2015 Presentation of the results of the 3d campaign at the GA in Vienna. Christoph Bildstein
January 15 End of sending samples 3rd Campaign – meeting working group to foreseen for the analysis of the results March 15 Baudouin Ska
October 14 Approval Confidentiality declaration of IGR 10.14
September 14 Ask for additional confidentiality declaration from IGR ASAP Baudouin Ska
August 2014 Start 3rd sampling campaign with 9 Countries, 16 “national” members, 25 Plants and 57 samples per month.
May 2014 C. Bildstein will present the results of instant analysis of the lead content in new foreign bottles and jars (Far East, Australia, South & North America, Africa) Christoph Bildstein
April 2014 Decision taken by the Steering Committee to initiate a 3rd sampling & analysis campaign of FRC at Eu-level from August 2014 till Januari 2015 Baudouin Ska
June 2013 Presentation of the conclusions of the above mentioned meeting during the General Assembly of Stockholm.
March 2013 WG Meeting in Antwerp to analyze the results of the campaign
Sept. 2012 Start second sampling campaign, based on a standardized sampling protocol (10kg per sample), and analysis made by IGR in Germany (same laboratory for all the samples). This second campaign has been set up in function of the heterogeneous results of the first campaign (begin 2012) with a lab in Portugal, probably due to the limited quantity of material per sample (1 kg)
Start Date: 2012


  • Christoph Bildstein
  • Baudouin Ska
  • Pierluigi Galli