Sibelco and Mineris Environnement announce creation of Recyverre joint venture for flat glass recycling in France and the acquisition of GIREV by Recyverre


Material solution company Sibelco and waste collection & logistics group Mineris Environnement announce the creation of a joint venture for the collection and recycling of flat glass in France known as Recyverre.

Recyverre, in turn, announces the acquisition of GIREV, one of France’s leading recyclers of flat glass. The combined entity will employ around 70 people.

The joint venture brings together Sibelco’s flat glass recycling capabilities at its site in Crouy (Aisne, France) with Mineris’s expertise and capabilities in flat glass collection and transportation. Added to this will be GIREV’s plants in Châtenois (Vosges) and Distroff (Moselle). The combined entity will enable efficiencies in the recycling value chain for flat glass waste and will provide producers of flat glass, glass wool and glass beads with a product portfolio of secondary material.

By taking this initiative, Sibelco and Mineris Environnement wish to respond to a growing demand from glass producers to increase the share of recycled material in their products to lower the use of virgin raw materials and reduce carbon emissions.

The closing of the business combination of Sibelco’s and Mineris’s French flat glass recycling assets will happen on July 1st 2020. The closing of the Girev acquisition occurred on March 10th 2020.

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