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Zusammenfassung: Swede Glass United AB

Swede Glass United AB has focused on the collection and recycling  of all kinds of flat glass in Sweden and in the Scandinavian region.

Since the company’s inception, flat glass has been exported to various facilities in Europe to be recycled. In the Year 2013 the Reiling group became the new owner of Swede Glass United AB. The international recycling company is one of the most multi-faceted recycling specialists for glass, plastic, paper, wood and substitute fuels in Germany with offices in Germany, Poland, Sweden and Denmark. Now we have better ways to take care of recycled flat glass than ever than before, with Reiling investing heavily in more efficient and modern facilities.

Whether toughened or laminated, whether coloured or clear, whether car glass or window glass. Reiling and Swede Glass United collects more than 10.000 tons of all kinds of flat glass per year for recycling.

Our target groups include car dismantlers, glaziers and construction companies. Then we deliver all flat glass to a recycling facility that processes the glass into raw materials that are sold and made into new products.

Swede Glass United AB

PO Box 49

696 21 Askersund

Tel.: +46 (0) 583 / 821 -59 | linda.bernstrom@swedeglassunited.com


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